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Installation Manual

Installation Diagrams

PRT InstalledInstalled PRTThe Ecoplus PRT can be installed anywhere in the house provided that it allows easy access to the required pipes.

In most cases, it is installed in the boiler-house or the airing cupboard. As the unit may become hot, the best position for the PRT is on the floor or resting on a flat surface. The exact location of the unit will vary depending on the configuration of the central heating system in which it is being installed.

The diagrams in the following pages show some of the possible central heating system configurations and are designed to help you during installation.

PRT imageIf you are installing Ecoplus PRT in a central heating system with a configuration that is not indicated in this manual and require clarification or if you require further information, please contact Ecoplus Limited; Tel: +353667190350 , Fax: +353667190357, e-mail:

To download a PDF version of the latest Installation Manual, click here or scroll to the bottom of the page.


Scenario 1 - Combi Boiler Installation

 Scenario 1

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Scenario 2 - Single-Boiler heating system with one, or two zones

 Scenario 2


The Primary Pump should be set at its lowest setting (normally 1).

Zone 1 and 2 should be electrically wired independently.

The Primary Pump should be wired so that it starts with the burner.

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Scenario 3 - Flow and return at high levels for the radiators through the attic.

This is a typical installation in cases where the heating system was installed after the house was built.

Scenario 3

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Scenario 4 - Flow and return at high levels to feed the copper cylinder.

 Scenario 4


The Auto vent is placed on the pipe connected above the PRT (port 1) to exhaust the gases. If the Auto Vent was not put there, the gases could not vent out the expansion pipe.

To prevent gravity flow from cylinder when the system shuts down, place a non-return valve on the primary line.

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Scenario 5 - Sealed system - flow and return taken at high levels (through an attic).  

Scenario 5


To prevent gravity flow from cylinder when the system shuts down, place a non-return valve on the primary line.

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Scenario 6 – Flow and Return taken at high level for the radiators

Scenario 6

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Latest Installation Manual

To view the manual, you need to have Adobe® Acrobat® installed on your computer. You can download Adobe Acrobat from the Adobe Website.

You can download the latest version of the instruction manual in Adobe® PDF Format by clicking the link below.

Download the latest Installation Manual (336 KB)

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