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The principle behind the Ecoplus PRT

Hoe Ecoplus PRT removes air from your heating system

The Ecoplus PRT uses fluid dynamic principles to remove almost all gases from the water in a heating system. Ecoplus PRT thereby greatly increases the efficiency of your central heating system.

In a typical central heating system, air pockets, either in radiators or underfloor systems, prevent certain areas from reaching the desired temperature. In radiators, the lower centre area is often cooler than the top which even regular bleeding does not eliminate. Air pockets also hamper the rate at which the water flows through the system. An uninhibited flow will enable the system to reach the desired temperature more quickly.

 How the PRT works to remove air from your heating system

Installed PRTWith Ecoplus PRT, the combination of an increased flow rate and even distribution of heat will result in less fuel being required to keep the system operating at the desired temperature.  In fact, higher average room temperatures are achieved with a lower boiler temperature setting, thereby improving fuel efficiency.

Noisy rattles and gushes are associated with many central heating systems, while corrosion of radiators and pipes also occurs because of oxidization due to the presence of gases in the system. With Ecoplus PRT, corrosion is virtually eliminated as most of the oxygen is removed before the liquid reaches the pipes and radiators.

Air pockets also develop in underfloor heating systems, resulting in cool spots on the floor. Cracked floor tiles occur when a tile over a warm area expands next to a cool area. Using Ecoplus PRT will reduce the likelihood of cracked tiles and warped floorboards.



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