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Frequently Asked Questions

Q Will it be more difficult to install the ECOPLUS PRT to an older central heating system?
A No, as long as the necessary pipes are accessible and the pipe diameter does not exceed 28mm. The ECOPLUS PRT is designed to suit old and new heating systems alike.
Q With what types of central heating systems can ECOPLUS PRT be used?
A With gas, oil and solid fuel burning systems.
Q How effective is the ECOPLUS PRT with underfloor heating systems?
A The ECOPLUS PRT has proven to be very successful when installed with underfloor heating systems, achieving the same dramatic cost savings and a great improvement in even-heat distribution.
Q How is the ECOPLUS PRT installed?
A The ECOPLUS PRT is easily installed by a professional plumber within a few hours.  Details are available in our Installation Manual.
Q Where is the ECOPLUS PRT installed, and how much space is needed?
A The ECOPLUS PRT can be installed anywhere along the route between the boiler and the copper cylinder where the necessary pipes are easily accessible, e.g. in an airing cupboard or utility room. The unit measures 438 mm (H) x 386 mm (W) x 321 mm (D).
Q How much does the Ecoplus PRT weigh?
A The Ecoplus PRT weighs less than 5 Kg.
Q What maintenance does the ECOPLUS PRT require?
A The ECOPLUS PRT 7 year insurance backed warranty, underwritten by Lloyds of London, is a testament to the reliability of the ECOPLUS PRT.  We believe there will be no maintenance required during the life cycle of your heating system.
Q Can the ECOPLUS PRT be used in applications other than domestic heating systems?
A Yes, there are many possibilities where the ECOPLUS PRT can be installed to achieve great cost savings and improved efficiency.  We suggest you contact our Technical Director to discuss other applications directly.
Q How much does the Ecoplus PRT cost?
A The Ecoplus PRT retails at €395 including VAT.
Q Was the Ecoplus PRT tested by an independent body?
A Yes, independent tests were carried out on the Pressure Reduction Tank by staff at the Institute Of Technology, Tralee (Ireland). You can view a summary of these tests on this site. View test results summary.

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