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Ecoplus PRT and the Environment

Ecoplus PRT can help you contribute to the protection of the environment. The increased efficiency of Ecoplus PRT reduces the amount of fuel required to produce the same heat therefore reducing CO2 emissions.

Ecoplus PRT was also designed and manufactured with the environment in mind. The special compound used to make the Ecoplus PRT is fully recyclable, and all packaging, such as the boxes, films and pallets are made of recyclable materials.

Forest of the Child

Forest SceneAt Ecoplus, we are committed to the protection of the environment. For each PRT that will be registered, Ecoplus Limited will dedicate a tree in a mixed forest of broad leaves and conifers in Co. Kerry, in the South West of Ireland.

Because of its unique climate Ireland has the best growing conditions for forestry in the Northern Hemisphere. To kick start the project, we have already planted 15 hectares of forest in advance of the launch of the Ecoplus PRT.

As each Ecoplus PRT has a unique identification number, you can dedicate one of the trees planted to the child of your choice when you register your Ecoplus product. This is done by inserting the PRT's unique number in the last field of the Product Registration Form. The forest is intended to grow and mature with your child for the benefit of future generations.

By entering this same number on the Forest of the Child page, you can then view the exact location of the tree that you dedicated and the name of the child to whom it was dedicated.

Manufacturing Standards

The Ecoplus PRT is manufactured in the EU in accordance with the following standards:

bullet  ISO 9001:2000
bullet  CE Mark
bulletQS Standards


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