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Carbon & Energy Tax

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Ireland, along with all other EU States and many other countries, signed the Kyoto Protocol, which is an international agreement for participants to limit growth in greenhouse gas emissions.

There is general acceptance, worldwide, of the need to address the issue of reducing the emission of greenhouse gases. While some greenhouse gases occur naturally in the atmosphere, their levels are being significantly increased by human activities such as industrialisation, transport, farming and heating.

You may be aware UK domestic dwellings are now subject to an energy tax ranging from 10 to 15% depending on the fuel used. Interestingly, it has just been announced that Ireland will soon follow with a carbon tax. The Irish government is currently considering a number of measures to reduce energy consumption in the home.

The proposed tax will be based on the polluter pays principle and focus on energy related CO2 emissions. The main fuels concerned are peat, coal, oils (including petrol and diesel) and natural gas. The objective of he proposed tax is to incorporate the cost of environmental damage caused by CO2 into the price of fossil fuels, therefore encouraging a switch to lower carbon-content alternatives, reduced consumption and improved efficiency generally and, as a consequence, helping to meet Ireland’s Kyoto obligations.

These measures will probably include a range of tax incentives such as reduced stamp duty and other tax for insulation materials, such as triple and double-glazing and other energy efficient products. The Ecoplus PRT already has an energy star rating, it will therefore significantly help reduce, if not eliminate that tax to the homeowner.





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