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Benefits of ECOPLUS PRT

Reducing Heating Costs, is only one of the benefits!

The revolutionary Ecoplus PRT provides you with the following benefits and allows you to reduce our heating costs and to solve many of the problems associated with central heating systems:

bulletUp to 25% immediate saving on your fuel bill
bullet30% increase in flow rate
bulletSignificant reduction in the corrosion of pipes, pumps and boilers
bulletAll radiators achieve even and optimal heat
bulletNo build-up of air in the system
bulletSignificant reduction of CO2 emissions
bulletProduction is ISO 9001:2000, CE and QS compliant
bulletBoxes and pallets made of recyclable materials 
bulletNo moving parts or filters and no maintenance required
bulletEasily installed by a plumber in a few hours
bulletUse of push-on fittings for ease of installation
bullet7 year Lloyds of London insurance backed warranty
bulletPerformance independently tested and verified

Reduce your Heating Costs with Ecoplus PRT

€395 incl. VAT
& Delivery








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