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Tralee company behind new cost-saving home device

Publication: Kerry's Eye

Date: 11/01/2002

A Tralee based company has been
appointed to market and distribute a
device that is capable of reducing central heating bills by 25% by making the system more efficient.

Ecoplus Ltd., InnovationWorks, Kerry Technology Park is the sole agent for the Ecoplus PRT and a network of dealers has been appointed to sell the unit that is connected to the central heating system. Cool patches in radiators are caused by airlocks and bubbles in the system. By removing them and thus having radiators (or underfloor piping) which radiate an even level of heat without these cold spots, the central heating operates far more efficiently.

Within a very short time, it can affect a dramatic improvement in the overall efficiency of the system. 29 hours after installing, the majority of gasses are gone from the water.

The device increases the flow rate in the systern by 30% giving rise to a minimum of 25% in savings on energy costs.


"It removes most of the air and gasses from the central heating system so that the water will flow much more quickly through the system and provides a much greater quality of heat," Mary Finnerty of Ecoplus explained.

After that, it continues to work to keep the air and gasses out of the system permanently.

"Without changing any of the settings in your central heating, your room will heat far faster so your house also heats more quickly and your boiler has to run for less time to reach the required level of heat," Mary expanded.

The Ecoplus can also reduce the number of gurgles that emanate from the pipes and radiators and improved
efficiency and the absence of gasses also means that the system is subject to less corrosion.

"The real benefit is having lashings of hot water when you have central heating because it will heat the hot water cylinder from top to bottom," Mary Finnerty added.

With a nationwide distribution system in place, Ecoplus will be looking to expanding into Europe in the long term.

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